the immortals - tamora pierce

star trek: tng (s4)
bones (s1)


Have you ever been so delirious after reading for a while that you find yourself accidentally narrating all of the things you do inside your head?

Lena Headey on meeting the Queen

Sophie Turner at San Diego Comic Con - July 25 

You Stole My Cauldron but You Can't Have my Heart
Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees
Live in Diagon Alley

C E L E S T I N A ; four tracks performed live for the WWN (x)

↳ 04. You Stole My Cauldron but You Can’t Have my Heart

It wasn't like I did Orphan Black and was like, [in a snooty voice] "I can't wait to be nominated for an Emmy." I was just like, "I'm so excited I'm doing this show. I hope I can get through the day without passing out."



Taco Bell tastes like rat shit and century old limp lettuce, why are we trying to pass it off as Mexican food?

Somebody’s never had a cheesy gordita crunch


1967The Summer of Love

#someday the boomers are gonna be dead and somebody’s finally going to do a really vicious biting funny bitter movie about the hippies and i’m going to watch it 1000 times   


Man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything